Is there a way i can intercept someones text messages without touching their phone

Yes you can now spy on your someones text messages and track their text messages without even touching their cellphone.. it might sound impossible but you can do this with a spying app called mspy.. what you just need to do is install mspy  in their phone and then the app will hide itself and you can intercept her phones text messages, calls and even her location..

So to get started, you just need to install this app in her smartphone..

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  1. santha says:

    Gd afternoon mspy. I need ur help to hack my huby calls n sms. All sosial media tat he using. 10q.
    I going through depression..pls help me as soon as posible. 10q

    • Laughed I thoughtidied says:

      Trust me you don’t want to do this. You need to leave him. My husband just spent six months after tracking my phone and doing a program called text edit dictation added voice edit document edit photographs at it he was able to manipulate my life in a way that made me look like a terrible person and unfit mother.

  2. how can it be installed to the other person’s phone if you have no way of getting to it ?

    my boyfriend is addicted to sexting others …burned him with one and now theirs a new one

  3. Lawrence says:

    Please help my wife goes around with another man and kids also cheated can I spy their sms and calls without touching their phone..I need your help,iam in Papua New Guinea.Please help me so I can know what my wife and kids are doing without I knownig what they are doing..Thankyou Lawrence,PNG.

  4. quran teacher says:

    is there any free software available?
    is it work in Pakistan?

  5. Hi am really concern for my kid who is now 12years old
    He might be folowing the homeboys,because my son is doing his grade six and I dnt want him to use touch phones.
    Can mspy help me thankyou for ur time,
    I’m in Papua New Guinea cheerz.

  6. Hello, Is mspoy installed without touching the cell phone? I installed some sms spy apps like mobilespy, iKeyMonitor, but all can record SMS text messages, call logs remotely after you installed it physically at the first time. And it must be installed on the target cell phone physically, but I can’t get the target cell phone, does your mspoy can do that?

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