How to See Whats On My Girlfriends Phone

This is something tricky, Is there a way you can track her phone and know what is present in her phone? Yes you can do this easily, what you just need to do is follow the below procedure and you are good to go. Lets start with the things you need.

  • Access to your Girlfriend’s Phone (Once).
  • mSPY app (get is from
  • A spare computer or phone (where you can view data)

Once you have got all the above, you are ready to starts. Now lets start with how you can see what’s on your girlfriend’s phone.

  1. Copy the mSPY app in a microSD card
  2. Once you get her phone, Insert the SD card and install the mSPY app from it
  3. Take out the card and keep the phone in place.
  4. Now login to your mSPY account from your laptop and view everything

Now lets see how this thing works. Once you install mSPY on her phone, This app itself will hide and when connected to internet it will send a copy of each and every data from her phone LIVE in your mSPY account, which you can view at anytime remotely from your laptop.

With mSPY you track her phone’s following data

  • Track Calls
  • Track Text Messages
  • Track Chats | Whatsapp | Facebook
  • Track Location
  • View Pics and Videos
  • View Phonebook | Call Logs
  • KeyLogger to Log Keystrokes

mSPY is a paid app but just look at the above functionality, The price you pay for mSPY is just nothing. Get it from the banner below.

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