How can i spy on someone cell phone without touching his cell.. FREE

I can really help you in this if that person has a smartphone running on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian.. It is highly likely that his cellphone has any of these OS. Now let us see how you can spy on his cellphone without even touching his cellphone.

What you need to do is download the paid mSPY app from their official website. Now once you have downloaded the app you just have to install it in your husband’s phone and this app will do everything for you.

Once Installed mSPY will all the data online which you can login to your mSPY and view.

mSPY is a very powerful app, It is a full fledged monitoring app that allows you to monitor on your kids’s cell phone without even touching his phone. mSPY has many features that allow you to track on your someone’s cellphone in many ways, some of its main features ares

  • SPY on Calls
  • SPY on text messages
  • SPY on Emails
  • Track GPS Location
  • Monitor Internet Use
  • Access Calendar and Address Book
  • Intercept Instant Messages
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
    • iMessage
    • Facebook
    • Viber
  • Record Surroundings by mic
  • Control Apps and Programs
  • View Photos and Videos
  • Key Logger

Now when compared to the features you get, Price of it is nothing. mSPY is a paid app which you can buy by clicking the banner below at a very cheap cost. Once you have bought it you can install it _ on your husband’s cellphone and the app will do the rest for you

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  1. He will not let me touch phone so how can I put tracking on phone if I can’t get it

    • I’m in the same situation, my husband will not let me look at his cell and he hides it! Did you get any answers ?

      • told before…
        Sheepdroid . Facesniff…

      • ummm….it doesnt take a genius to figure out if you CANT get to YOUR husbands phone or he wont even let you see it…..well, boo boo theres your answer no need to download any apps…….if theres hiding theres secrets!!! me and my husband SHARE one phone

        • excellent comment cara…my fiance and i do the same. one phone is all we need. saves time and money..and no secrets which means more trust. thee girls must be like furteen

        • Well. it could mean he is hiding something but its always what we think, to be sure. if you have the same exact phone it could be easier try to distract him and switch the phones. try when he is a sleep or just keep watching him .He will slip. if you have access to his charger hide it, make any excuse. he is gonna have to leave it out if its dead.. distract him and switch phones!!
          Melisa, ever thought why you guys share one phone!!! everyone prefers to have a phone if you have the phone!!! you don’t have access to whom he is calling texting from another phone or someone else’s phone! you don’t even know where he is!

        • Here’s something to think about Melissa…there are lots of prepaid phones out there. I knew a guy that cheated on his wife all the time and they also shared a phone! He also had a prepaid phone

        • Snobby cow….not everyone can have their head jammed up their husbands and oown backside as much as you….ever heard of personal space

      • If he’s hiding his phone its because he’s hiding something. Trust me. I found that out for my self. I let him fall asleep first and took his phone and went through it and boyyyy did I see everything !

    • Any answers on spy programs???

    • Gulam mustafa says:

      For all the helpless people who can’t get hold of there husbands or boy friends phone, there is a way. This Good Friday, buy him a new phone with the app already installed, and gift it to him. It’s the easiest way to get into his private life without any problems.

  2. Are you sure you really want to know?..
    How about verbal tactics and honest conversation?..
    If he’s gone…it’s you have to look inside you and see what are the hole thing that you want to let him back in again…
    Maybe you will forgive…but you will never forget…
    So, why do you really need details??
    Think about it…

    • Its so hard not knowing if my husband is cheated or not. I really love him so much. But he always hide the phone and take it in bathroom shit I hate it. Can even go in has phone cuz got a code on phone. Dame it I want to know.

      • you allready know enough…
        just ask him!
        Ask him what he has to hide…
        why codes when he is at home….
        try fishing…
        tell him you understand…
        otherwise.. facesniff and droidsheep may help.. google them!

      • If he’s doing that he’s probably cheating on u!

      • Everyone takes their phone in the bathroom with them, and if you have a newer iPhone, it makes you put a code on it for privacy protection. It is something you can get around, but most people don’t want to because… people will get your private information… I’m not saying that he’s not cheating on you, I’m just saying that those aren’t things to be suspicious. You can tell more by body language than password protection.

    • my husband won’t let me use his phone either. he is very touchy when it comes to his phone. he sometimes leaves it for a few moments at a time but never for long and if he forgets it he comes right back and get it. he just says i should trust him which is hard to do because he cheated on me before.

  3. I want to spy on my boy friend’s but we are living far apart from each other is the any other way to do it?

  4. Jonny Best says:

    Quite simple if you are tricky enough! Pretend as if you have nothing against him hidding his phone, by never attempting to spy on his text or calls for a reasoable period of time and then surprise him with new a highly sophisticated symbian phone such that he couldn’t resist using, on which you must have instal your spy ware.

  5. If he’s hiding his phone he’s cheating on you!

    • Honestly says:

      Not always is because of cheating. I never had to locked my phone until my wife got jealous because a text message from my friend from high school. She did it a couple of times and that was it. Any Person needs space and privacy. I respect my wife and I never touch her cellphone

      • Good comments. People need their privacy. The wife is free to do as she wishes so why can’t the husband. The wife does not own the husband nor the husband the wife.everyone has different needs and esires to be met. If the husbands says he loves the wife and shows it then this should be enough for the wife.

        • Lacey Johnson says:

          If you havent been intimate in four months and he keeps a tight leash on his phone then might he be cheating? I dont have evidence n i dont like to accuse or assume.

      • Honesty is the best policy says:

        I believe people should be willing to show their cell phones to their spouse/significant other. If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn’t feel offended! I have NOTHING in my life to hide. Anyone from anywhere can search my belongings at anytime. Things that are private and personal, my husband, son and son’s girlfriend still all know how to access. I am an open and honest person. I don’t ever want anyone to doubt or accuse me of hiding anything or being dishonest so I am just open with anything and everything. Maybe if more people were open, honest and accountable for ALL their actions this world would be a much better place.

  6. So how can I view this movement on my I phone, how do I add as app

  7. If you get the proof you are looking for USE IT! Either for ammo for getting spousal support, house, and car in the divorce from your not so honest spouse, or at least an I screwed up and now I want to buy your love gift.
    BUT many have made a good point, how do you add this if you can’t get your hands on the phone long enough to install it? I will be watching for a feasible answer

  8. anonymous g says:

    I’m with Heya.
    What if you cannot get his android alone because he keeps it in his holster on him majority of the time “so he doesn’t lose it or misplace it”? How long does it take on average to download the app on the target phone you want to spy on? I would like to have an idea of the range (ie 3-5 minutes) before I attempt to do this. There has got to be a way to get it on the phone if I cannot find a way to get the android alone. Please advise. Thank you.

  9. If I buy how to use this app?my husband use iphone5,I cannot see anything ,he phone very secret

  10. I really need help !!! I really need to know if my husband is cheating on me we have two kids!! His always hiding his phone. I just need to know. He has a pre paid phone can I still do this app? I only want to track him and text message can I still do these app?

    • Michelle says:

      I to had the same problem and it is a hard thing to deal with but since the phone is in my name and I have all the codes to access my acct online I just take a good look at the bill every month he can’t hide that is there a way for u to do this if so look at all of his usage and if u see numbers u don’t know on there may it be in the call or text section use a different phone besides your own and try calling those numbers and see if another woman answers if so say something like oh I had a missed call from this number then try saying something like oh well u may have been trying to reach my brother and give your mans name if the other woman doesn’t know u are the spouse they usually start talking. I actually done this and it worked the woman started telling me yeah she was seeing what she thought was my brother I keep my cool and was very friendly and was like oh I’m so happy he has finally found someone and u sound very nice and then I got to questioning her asking how long have y’all been together and other stuff about her if done right he will have no wiggle room he will be caught on the phone that u will use to call the suspicious numbers phone down load an app called record my calls when u call the suspicious number start the record process and then u will have all the evidence and then confront what should be your X at this point and walk away. In my case I actually called the other woman back and told her the truth about who I really was well me and her both sat back and had one damn good laugh at a stupid bas###d and she dumped his ass to and as a result I made a friend so then thank him as I did… Sweet sweet revenge it feels so goooooooood. Hope this helps you. If this won’t work for u try buying a motion activated spy cam with audio install one in his car and see what u capture install them in your home and see what he does when your not home and here what he says on his phone. I am not a very smart person but I do love all of these new high tech devises that we can purchase and yes they can be costly but remember this its only money and it can help with your sanity and give u peace of mind that to me is way more important than the money…

  11. Admin,

    You’re spreading wrong information. FYI, To install mSpy, you need to jailbreak the iPhone and physically access it for installation. And, It’s NOT FREE spy app. It cost you $. Liar – Huh!!!

    • I have clearly mentioned

      “What you need to do is download the paid mSPY app from their official website”

      Btw.. I have nowhere mentioned that mSPY can be installed in unjailbroken iPhone. This is why the link redirect to the mSPY website instead of checkout page so that you can get your fact right :)

      • I think you guys should develope it so that the mspy app is pre-installed on a memory card that way i can give it to him as a gift and he will install unknowingly himself. Then if he decides to get a new phone the app goes with bc he will put the memory card in the new phone!!!

        • Its better to contact the maker of the mSPY app from their contact form. We are just an affiliate site promoting this product. So we just can’t help you here

    • OK first off I need to defend the person that suggested MSpy. ALLEN No where did they say that Mspy was free. They Clearly stated that it needed to be purchased and any Smart person would do reach first on Any app they download.
      NOW! I think I have an answer for all of you who can Not get a hold of your significant others phones. And that answer is, nothing. There is nothing you can do without getting ahold of the damn thing. Its simply a privacy thing. All phone manufacturers have made it so the only way a third party can receive any data is via an installed app, or if you work for the DOD or the NSA. Frankly I’d listen to what the smart peopme hear have had to say, and thats if you think it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck too, well I’m sorry to disappoint you but its a duck you have. If he or she isnt Already sleeping with someone, they have someone they talk to that will probably end up sleeping with them eventually. They have an interest in someone else is what im trying to say. Otherwise they wouldnt have any good real logical reason to keep u from using their phone for any amount of time. PERIOD! If they dont trust u with a phone, then they dont trust you with anything…. why would you want to be married to a person like that? A relationship without trust, is as good as an affair without sex. Be smart here people. Believe in yourselves. Be strong. Be you. I wish you All the best of luck.
      – Jason A. F.

  12. This didn’t help me at all! I wanted to spy on my husband without down loading an apl onto his phone!

  13. If your husband or wife doesn’t let you see their phone its time to consider separation trust is key and that is a sign of distrust don’t put yourself through the stress I learned that the hard way

  14. Hi
    My question to the admin pleas
    How long it will take me me to install the apps into my husband iPhone
    Please need exact time

  15. Wow,lady’s ! Spy programs?! GPS trackers and more!? Just talk to the man..
    I had fights with my girl 2 years … Facebook,text and locked phones..
    If she ask me I show her but if she just want to know and spy on me that is just wrong…
    I’m hurt because the jealousy broke us up but sometimes you have to believe… Make it simple,it’s worked for her but no result at al… My ex went to a store and get a recorder , I think it was sony with memory card 32GB and she just put it in the car under my car seat and recorders one week conversation me talking with other people … So that is a start. 2 she put a spy program on my computer what I didn’t fine out just after we broke up,great program sending a mirror image everything what I do on my laptop.. Emails,Skype,nothey movies I watched she see it to on her laptop… Lady’s,I’m sorry for the trust you lost for your man and I hope you fix the problems what you have or just move on with your life… “G”

  16. I have been married due 6 years and the first year was fine I never thought my husband would look outsaid I had so much trust in him until I left for 3 weeks for work and once I got back I felt there is something wrong he is not the same I didn’t care at first I thought I was tired and I got pragnet and he was a cold shoulder about felt like he wasn’t happy so a start to search his car and I created account on one with the cellphone company and start looking for every number and time and minutes and his job hours and how long it take him to get from work including stoping at restaurant to get a bit and after I mad that my email is locked and I need to send some work paper so I used his email and I changed his setting to my email so every time he changes his password it would be easy fur me to get it on email or text to change it His bathrooms how long dose he stay in there and if he takes his cellphone that’s mean yes he is talking to some one eals honesty it don’t needs app to find out if your husband is cheating or just texting alots of signs that it could lead to it and once it start it’s hard to end unless a Devisors and that’s sometime not an potion to some family’s it’s harder when your married than having BF or fiancé no efface to any one just my opinion .

  17. The poor lady didn’t ask for your moral advice, or any other kind of advice! I hate when people get all opinionated and off topic. Its no ones business what she does with her relationship, she and her husband will do what they want, not what y’all tell them. Simply answer the question.

  18. jamiewamey says:

    Ok look, of course we cant get to our mates phone hello.. thats why I need someone to help me intercept incoming and outgoing sms/text messages. I cannot get to his phone. Theres other reasons beyond cheating that I need this for. So if theres any info on maybe intercepting those sms/texts just by entering his mobile number or any info on how to phish a social networking page like fb. Please help. Its more important than you could ever know. And no its not cheati g.

  19. If you can’t get to your husband’s phone, try this: send him a text from
    one of your friends phones – must be someone who he doesn’t have in his address book so his phone doesn’t show any name when he gets the text – just say

    “Hi. New phone number, long story. I need to see you this weekend? Don’t say no ;).”

    Then see what kind of reply he sends. If it is “who is this?” or no reply at all, he may be genuinely surprised. If it is a flirtatious reply, it may be bad news. Your friend should be prepared if he calls – make sure her voicemail doesn’t have her name in it or you could get caught.

    Also another reason your man may not want you to see his phone (or takes it into the bathroom) could be porn – may seem gross, but most married men look at porn, doesn’t mean he loves you any less.

  20. I just went through this kind of thing and still don’t know what to do. I’ve been with my husband for almost 18 years now and I can say without a doubt complete trust is what has kept us together for so long. I am still pretty young and my husband is 11 years older so I think maybe I had some cocky confidence that I would always be enough. Over the last few months I noticed he had put a lock on his phone which I easily broke and then I checked his browser history to find massage parlors, porn, different apps for hiding info. On his phone. Its beyond shocking as this guy literally goes nowhere however works until 2am so really I’m asleep for all I know he isn’t coming home until just before I wake up. When I confronted him he REALLY flipped out…also odd, just not his personality and he smashed his phone. I want to download the mspy on a new phone but just can’t yet believe he would cheat. Is it possible this could just all be about porn and nothing more? I really don’t have any expierence with this stuff. Would a guy really go through all that trouble just to hide porn from his GF or is it more?? Any men out there I’d be happy to know your option on this Amd whether or not you think I should just add the app? Thanks in advance

    • Whether or not a man would go to all this trouble to hide the fact that he’s looking at porn will depend entirely on your reaction to his looking at porn. If your reaction is disgust, anger, jealousy, then yes, he might very well go to all this trouble to hide it from you. If your reaction is one of understanding that most men (and quite a few women too) look at porn and that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or isn’t attracted to you, then he won’t go to a lot of trouble to hide it from you. Whether you add the app is your decision, but if it is just about porn and he ever finds out that you put the app on his phone, the distrust that will be created will be far, far more damaging to your relationship than his looking at porn.

      • Anony Mouse says:

        I agree with Daniel 100%. I go through painstaking efforts to hide my porn from my SO. Way more than what your husband does. And I am not a cheater.

      • Daniel,
        You must be unaware of the damage of porn to ones self and any committed relationship! It’s spiritually wrong, its cheating, addictive, and often leads to in real life cheating…it’s progressive…..and confronting the person doesn’t damage a relationship any more than the cheater already has!!! Get your facts straight! Google the effects of porn on the brain.

    • it was the same for me, my husband wouldn’t let me touch his phone then I went to his google history and I found out he had been cheating on me with call girls and others for some time. If someone is acting like that and hiding things they have a reason!!!!
      I was in shock n still can not believe it. We have been together for 18 years.

  21. everytime my girlfriend gets up to even go to the bathroom.;
    she’s on it.she grabs her phone .even if its hooked up to the charger’
    just to go to the bathroom..
    like she’s hiding somthing…but I don’t wanna argue
    so most of the time
    I just don’t even bother to say anything bout why she so protective over her damm cell phone..:(

  22. K Phillips says:

    Are you able to install app without jail breaking iphone5c

  23. can you fine out if someone has put the spy app on your phone??????

  24. I want to spy my husband, because I have 4 princess girls, I have dedicated my life to him and if I found that he is cheating on me, I will divorce immediately. I love him but is not fair to be in a marriage full of lies

  25. Ladies if your man won’t let you touch his phone an he hides it, YES, he’s definantly hiding something and obviously it’s something that would be hurtful to you! If you share a plan you could go to the provider and get his texts or login to the providers online website and look from there. You could manipulate him and act like you know what Hes Been doing and wait for him to tell on hisself. They have a few apps now that you can download on his phone an the app not show at ALL and it will be on there but he won’t be able to see it, but it does cost . You could go outside and if he’s sitting infront of the window open your curtains or blinds a tad but not too much so when you go outside you can peek through the window but just in case take a camera or something so you can zoom in on his phone to see. You could also ( if you can get his phone) go into the call settings then go to call forwarding an have his calls forwards to your phone – you can do it with text messages as well but you’ll have to do that through your provider, I think.
    If you’re that worried about what he is doing follow him one day- if you’re suppose to be working go to “work” as planned and then follow him either in your car or a friends. If he is at home then sneak around the outside of your house. To spy on him then set him up – set him up in ways a man couldn’t figure out cause a woman will go to extreme measure to catch her man doing wrong and that’s completely understandable. You could set up a fake account on Facebook f he uses Facebook an message him but don’t start the conversation out with him too “strong”. Act as if you’re not his wife or girlfriend!
    If you want to actually catch him then you have to out aside your normal actions and think like a man and basically think like a spy. If you do it right and he is cheating you will catch him. Men aren’t smart when it comes to things like that. But if your man won’t let you even touch his phone then you as his girlfriend or wife should say something about how secretive he’s being! If he didn’t have anything to hide then he wouldn’t be doing it! Plain and simple! I hope my comment helped some of you. I’ve been in take situations! I’m very sneaky and explorative so I can find everything!
    Good luck!

  26. If someone has put a spy app on your phone an say its the kind that doesn’t show up go into your settings and go to your apps. It may show up there!

  27. Jason Kaven says:

    Without touching cell phones? I don’t think mspy can be installed remotely without touching the target cell phones. I used iKeyMonitor, mSpy, Mobile Spy, no one can be installed without touching the cell phone.

  28. I have a really interesting one……..I can’t tell if it’s his meds or if it’s real…..and if it’s real, is his meds making him do this……

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