Apps for Listening Someone Calls from their Cellphone for Free

There are many application over the market that you will find for free allowing you to listening to someone cellphone but have you tried it and does it work? Ok I am listing some of those present in google play store and you check them and get the answer on your own.

  1. Call Tracker Lite - Spy - Android Apps on Google Play
  2. Call, GPS, SMS Tracker - Android Apps on Google Play
  3. CallTrack – Android Apps on Google Play

If you have tried any of the above then you must know that these apps are fake and they are good for nothing. Now what if I say that there exist an app which not only allow you to listen to someone calls but also track their text messages and location, Yes there is an app for that but sadly its not free and you have to spend a little money for it.

mSPY is the name of that spyware app, Once you install it in someone’s cellphone, It itself will hide and will become undetectable and then transmit all the calls from the target cellphone which you can hear on your laptop and that too at realtime.

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